It’s my favorite food holiday. Actually… I think it’s the only food holiday out there. We never celebrated it as kids, well, because it’s a very American holiday, and growing up in Hong Kong that wasn’t something we did. I mean, it’s a holiday that is celebrated now, especially Friendsgiving, but I think that’s more so because of the pop culture aspect of the holiday. Anyway, sometimes I think about how many Thanksgivings I’ve missed out on, and how there’s a lot of cooking (and eating!) to catch up on.

Thanksgiving is a big deal with the husbo’s family, and he’s been home every single year, with the exception of the year we took our honeymoon (oops!) but I can totally see why he loves being at home. The dinner spread is always amazing. I mean, it consists of the usual – turkey/ veggies/ roasted sweet potatoes or gourds/ gravy/ cranberry sauce/ stuffing (you get the jist) but it’s the one time of year you can eat all the carbs in the world and not feel terrible about it! 

Over the years, I have come to realize that Thanksgiving is more than the food: it’s about family. It’s about love. It’s about enjoying eachother’s company, and the warm fuzzy feelings you get around the holidays. We’re thankful for loved ones, good health and life all year round, but there’s something about being at home with your fam, stuffing your face with amazing food that makes us all the more grateful. Wouldn’t you agree? #familyfoodandlove