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East to West, India is the Best!

Whenever anyone mentions India, this ^^^ is literally the first thing that pops into my head! It’s a chant that I’ve heard so many avid cricket fans sing simultaneously while they watch their home team play a match. It’s dorky but super catchy, you’ve got to admit.

Ok, super random, but seeing that today is India’s Independence Day, I thought it would be fun to do a post on the Indian food the husbo and I (ok, who am I kidding, it’s really just him) have been cooking. It started out with him making his mother’s mattar paneer recipe, and then he wanted to make one of his favorite’s: lamb keema.

My major participation was ensuring we ate yummy parathas with our meal, and also making sure we had some great rosé. The parathas are the ones that I used to eat as a kid – they’re super flakey, frozen parathas from Malaysia, and I was beyond excited when I realized you can find them at any Asian grocery store (hello, HMART!)  

A few weeks ago, randomly on a weekend, we were craving samosas (that makes me laugh out loud!) so we turned to Yelp and found out that IndAroma – a place that we almost used to cater our wedding – is so close to our home, like 10 minutes down the road! So we drive over, stop at Starbucks for iced tea, and then I suggest that the husbo race me to the other side of the parking lot (me walking, him driving at “parking lot” speed, ha!) I win – duh – so while I wait for his little turtle butt to drive over, I discovered I was standing next to this cute little Indian grocery. I was so excited about it! No more driving 13 miles to the dinky, not so cute, other Indian store. I immediately spotted the dhokla mix and picked up a bunch of packets, took it home, and whipped up that deliciousness, complete with sauteed mustard seeds & cilantro to garnish #yummmm

Fast forward to a couple of nights ago, the husbo was craving mushroom sabzi and so he made it. It turned out great! I made dhokla again, but this time messed it up a little (I didn’t grease the dish properly so everything crumbled and stuck to the bottom, noooo.) The cilantro & mint chutney was super easy – it’s literally cilantro, tomatoes (from our herb garden!), yellow onion, jalapeno, mint, salt & pepper to taste, and lime juice. Then you mush with a hand blender and ta-da!

just realized I spelled dhokla wrong. oops.

I’ll be honest, the husbo & I don’t consider ourselves to be very traditional when it comes to a lot of things Indian, but it turns out we’re kind of obsessed with the food. Go figure.

Hong Kong: Asia’s World City… of Food

Hong Kong SkylineAs you read this, the husbo & I would have literally just arrived in Hong Kong for our 2 week family holiday! And if you happen to be reading this while at HK International Airport (who knows? maybe you are!) come say hi; we’re at Arrival Hall B! Lol.

From the day we finalized our travel itinerary, I started to compile my list of things to eat, new restaurants to visit, and food to purchase for when we return. Ha. Needless to say, our entire trip totally revolves around food (and family… but more food) and I’m not ashamed.

While all the food is super important – the top, top priority on my list is to buy a camera! My friend Tamara (of Alexandria Cake Pop Company, yayyy shameless promotion!) has been kind enough to lend me her camera to start up my blog & get a few photos out there, but now I really need one of my own, so I can document all the food on our trip… and continue to do so when we get back to DC!

I’ll be back later next week with updates of our food adventures in the 852!

p.s. the photo is from Maurizio Peddis, he has some awesome sets on flickr. Check him out!