Hi friends! profile-blog

I have a food blog! Now this shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that knows me. I‘ve been wanting to create one for yeeeaaars, but never felt like I had significant content to share. Turns out that I still don’t have anything significant to share, so you’ll mostly find photos of food I’ve eaten – or cooked – and maybe a definition, or recipe, thrown in here and there.

I’ve always had a deep love (read: obsession) for food – long before I knew what a foodie was; long before it was a thing. My mother will tell you that my Christmas Wish List to Santa sounded more like a grocery shopping list than anything else, and that my eyes would light up at the sight, or sound (oven ding!) of food. Snack time was my time to shine.

I can’t tell you where the food obsession came from, but I can certainly tell you how it makes me feel. There’s an unconditional adoration for people who cook. It’s their dedication/ passion/ skill/ mutual love of food/ the pure magic conjured up in the kitchen that blows my mind. I mean, it’s incredibly satisfying to know you can create fond memories/ develop relationships/ share stories/ build bonds/ pass on traditions over a little bit of food and drink.

Basically: yummy food = happy people = happy me

Through this blog, I hope to share all the food that makes me happy. Be it the food that I cook, or the meal that I had at that restaurant everyone is raving about – you’ll find it here. It’s not all going to be pretty, and believe me, I’ll tell you when I burned the flatbread, overcooked the pasta, and under-salted the rice – and we’ll experience it together. I promise to try different techniques, discover new ingredients, and always deviate from the recipe.

So, if you’re looking for a casual read, and the musings of a self proclaimed granny, you’ve come to the right place. It’s from this kitchen with love.